Fatty Liver Disease: What It Is And How You Can Treat It

Fatty liver disease is very common in human beings as these are chronic diseases and can liver cancer as well as liver cirrhosis. We can discuss the cause and treatments of fatty liver in Singapore. It is also called nonalcoholic fatty acid disease and it is caused due to excess deposition in the liver due to drinking alcohol. It can range from good fat to bad fat.

  • Symptoms of Fatty Acid

There are many symptoms of fatty liver and these are common symptoms as you will feel tiredness and discomfort over the upper area of the abdomen. These are common symptoms in human beings.

  • Causes of Fatty Liver Diseases

There are the following causes of fatty liver disease and these may be diabetes, obesity, cholesterol problems, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome.

  • Diagnosis of Fatty Liver Disease

You can diagnose liver disease through physical examination and proper blood tests and study of the liver. The liver test can show the elevated liver and fatty liver can be seen through ultrasound magnetic resonance imaging and computed technology. Further Liver biopsy can be used to determine all stages of these diseases.

  • Treatment for Fatty Liver Disease

There are following ways of treatments as you have to modify the healthy weight loss and balanced diets and regular exercise. Through these, you can be avoided from fatty liver and there some associated factors that involved in this disease like hypertension, obesity and cholesterol and over medications.

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